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The Common Denominator is the Common Dominator.

About a year ago, I “got into it” with a few of my strong brothers in Christ. Many times we who argue unfortunately misapply the “iron sharpens iron” verse until we realize we are quite a bit more dull than when we started… This case was no exception.

While I have discussed some more controversial topics, I don’t think I have had more controversy with any three individuals than the three I’m alluding to who will remain anonymous for this public post.

Two of them said that if I have this problem with others, the problem might be with me, and while I agreed with that statement, my self-justifying nature quickly pointed out that there were many with whom I did not have “this problem.” Another of the 3 said there must be some common denominator with those who argue with me so passionately about topics that may or may not be “essentials of the faith.”

This idea of a “common denominator” really got me thinking, and until now – about a year later – I’ve kept my thoughts to myself. But a couple days ago in Tampa the thoughts flooded my mind, so I grabbed my iPhone and went to work on my note pad to post this later to the blog.

The common denominator with me and “the 3″ – I am certain – is none other than pride. I believe strongly, after reading this book by Andrew Murray and this one by CJ Mahaney, and after looking at numerous passages in Scripture and having numerous conversations with other Believers – I am so thoroughly convinced that pride is the root of dissension arguments that I am making every effort to remove this word, in any of it’s forms, from my vocabulary. I will no longer “take pride” in my work – I will do it with all my heart for the Lord. I will no longer “be proud” of my sons – I will be well pleased that they follow hard after Christ. I will no longer proudly serve my country. I will kneel humbly as a servant of the One True God, the Humble King who died for me – and by doing so, I will confidently approach His throne of grace to find the mercy I need to discharge my duties faithfully as an Officer of Marines.

I hope these thoughts will be humbly received by anyone who confesses their pride long enough to consider them.

20120922-180950.jpgOne thing is sure, if this common denominator (which most certainly resides underneath us all) is given root, it will do it’s dividing work, eventually and ultimately dominating anyone and anything it touches.

Lord forgive us for our pride, grant us the humility that only You can give, in Christ’s Name – Amen.


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